Whispers and Warnings For 11/05/2015

Reminds Me of Walmart…
Amazon Opens Its First Bookstore as Extension of Website
“Online retail giant Amazon opened its first brick-and-mortar bookstore on Tuesday, two decades after it began selling books over the Internet and helped drive a number of shops out of business.”

When journalists are victims of terrorism in their own country
Blogger killed in Bangladesh, three others wounded, police say
“Another secular blogger was hacked to death and three other people were severely wounded in two separate attacks in Bangladesh’s capital on Saturday, Dhaka police said.”

You can’t fire a columnist for having a stroke!
Jury awards T.J. Simers $7.1 million from LA Times
“The downtown jury in T.J. Simers’ Superior Court lawsuit against the Los Angeles Times came back with a verdict today giving the retired sports columnist $7.1 million for age discrimination.”

When companies make really dumb decisions…
Publisher of Denver’s OUT FRONT magazine sues billboard giant over adoption of similar name, logo
“Jerry Cunningham, owner of Q Publishing, the parent company of OUT FRONT, says he was surprised to receive a press release in 2014 announcing that the billboard company, CBS Outdoor, was changing its name to OUTFRONT Media. He was even more surprised when he saw the billboard company’s new logo. It was very similar to his.”

Useless law. Any kid can lie about their age. This law will only harm small bookstores in Louisiana. Kids who don’t lie about their age will simply shop on Amazon instead.
Online publishers sue Louisiana over ‘age verification’ law
It “would prevent all minors from purchasing any book at all,” the suit said. It continued: “a 15-year-old could not purchase Little House on the Prairie as a gift for her 8-year-old sister.”

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