Whispers and Warnings for 11/02/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 11/02/2016

The Beuarucrats Lose In This One
Niagara Falls Council votes to pay $156,000 to settle free speech lawsuit
A jury trial in federal court February 2015 found Anello’s rights to free speech had been violated when he was removed from a the Council meeting on Oct. 22, 2007 by the defendants, the late Council Chairman Robert Anderson Jr and former councilmen Sam Fruscione and Chris Robins.


Does Peddling Prostitution Over the Internet Constitute “Free Speech?”
Backpage.com CEO fights pimping charges, says 1st Amendment protects him
The First Amendment bars the prosecution because imposing an obligation on publishers to review all speech to ensure that none is unlawful would severely chill free expression,” the lawyers wrote


…And, If there was any doubt that “Big Brother” is a myth….
Unregulated Use of Facial Recognition Software Could Curb 1st Amendment Rights
Today, local police rely on real-time facial recognition programs more and more. Go for a stroll in one of several major American cities, and the police could be monitoring you without your knowledge. Some department’s even used driver’s license databases to catalog citizens.


Turkey’s Media Crackdown
Turkey sacks 10,000 more civil servants, shuts media in latest crackdown
The executive decrees have ordered the closure of 15 more newspapers, wires and magazines, which report from the largely Kurdish southeast, bringing the total number of media outlets and publishers closed since July to nearly 160.



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