Whispers and Warnings for 10/19/16

Whispers and Warnings for 10/19/16

Thou Shalt Not Speak Poorly Of The King!! (Even if he’s dead)
Thailand sees a jump in royal defamation cases after death of king
Thai police are investigating 12 new complaints of royal defamation on social media lodged since the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej last week, a sharp rise amid intensifying scrutiny of anything deemed offensive to the monarchy.


…And you thought automating fast food was wierd!!!
Robot journalists to start writing news and sports stories for Britain and Ireland’s national news agency
Non-human hacks will be rolled out to cover sports, football and elections at the Press Association


Careful what you actually use that snapshot for!!
Sudhir’s hotels sued over invasion of privacy
The hotel had a photographer take a picture of this employee, saying the photo would only be used for some letters welcoming heads of state. Instead the photo was used in a general marketing brochure – and the employee was not compensated.


Better have your facts straight before printing what someone “reported” about someone’s integrity.
Wake jury awards $1.5 million against N&O in libel trial
“The News and Observer” lost a libel suit filed against them after they reported that “independent firearms experts questioned whether (a forensics firearms examiner) knew anything about ballistics analysis” – and left it at that.


Current Events:
Can presidential candidates sue media outlets for defamation?
As the presidential campaign heads towards its conclusion, lawyers for at least one candidate have threatened a defamation lawsuit against a major newspaper. So how can a candidate for president sue if she or he is a public figure?


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