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Whispers and Warnings For 10/08/2015

Whispers and Warnings For 10/08/2015

Just to alter a story? What an idiot!
Journalist Guilty Of Helping Hack Los Angeles Times’ Website
A well-known social media journalist was found guilty Wednesday of conspiring with the hacking group Anonymous to break into the Los Angeles Times’ website and alter a story.

Another major publisher tries to redefine history…
A Mom Called Out a Textbook Publisher for Labeling Slaves as Immigrant Workers
The miffed mom took to social media to talk about the shocking passage and eventually, after getting many responses, made a video, as well. She complained that calling African slaves “workers” and talking about them in a section about “immigrants” was insulting. The textbook also mentioned that “indentured servants” from Europe received “little to no pay,” and yet, she pointed out, there is no mention of slavery and all the harsh, unpaid work that slaves had to do.

If you don’t know basic copyright law, you shouldn’t be blogging…
How to Legally Use Images Online
I’ll admit it: I hate working with restrictions when writing and publishing blog posts. But you know what I hate more than restrictions? Reading a letter that declares I’m being sued for copyright infringement due to my careless copying and pasting. Here in America images, like all creative works, are protected by US copyright law.

If you don’t want people to hear you saying an offensive word, DON’T SAY IT!
SeaWorld, Newspaper Sued Over Leaked N-Word Video Targeting “Blackfish” Trainer
SeaWorld Entertainment paid two of its Texas employees “a large sum of money” for a smartphone video showing former trainer John Hargrove repeatedly using the N-word, according to a new lawsuit.