Whispers and Warnings For 09/16/2015

Whispers and Warnings For 09/16/2015

After the news this week, this article’s timing is PERFECT!
A Brief History of the Political Misuse of Pop Songs
“…this is far from the first time R.E.M. has objected to their music being used in a political context…”

Another day, another celebrity accused of copyright infringement…
50 Cent is accused of copying a TV show from a novel
“50 Cent has been hit with legal action from author Larry Johnson, who has accused the rapper of copying his novel and turning the story into TV series Power.”

This goes beyond the “everybody wins a trophy” ridiculousness.
High School Sued over Negative College Evaluation
“The counselor who wrote the negative evaluation was suspended for 9 days and is still upset (‘I was punished for telling the truth’).”

This is not “news.” Authors have been starving artists since the very first manuscript was written.
New Guild Survey Reveals Majority of Authors Earn Below Poverty Line
“In its first study on author income since 2009, the Authors Guild delivers some jarring, if unsurprising, data. The survey, which will be released next week, indicates, among other things, that the majority of authors would be living below the Federal Poverty Level if they relied solely on income from their writing.”

When a police officer (allegedly) assaults an innocent photographer near a crime scene, and (allegedly) damages his equipment, expect a lawsuit.
Purdue, newspaper resolve suit over police confrontation
“Purdue University and the school’s student newspaper have resolved a lawsuit filed over a confrontation that campus police officers had with a student photographer shortly after a student was slain inside a classroom building.”