Whispers and Warnings for 08/27/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 08/27/2016

I consider anyone “using” a website to be a “user”
With No User Growth, Twitter Inc. Starts Plans to Monetize Logged-Out Visitors
“Without significant user growth, Twitter is being forced to look elsewhere to grow its ad revenue…”

I love a good mystery!
Copies of mysterious Voynich Manuscript to be published for the first time in hopes that someone will crack its code
“Indeed, by making copies of the tantalising tome available to a wider audience for the first time, its custodians at Yale University are hoping that perhaps someone somewhere in the world will glimpse its pages and step forward with the key to crack their strange and wonderful code…”

Distributing someone’s personal medical records is going WAY too far
Next big invasion of privacy lawsuit pits JPP against Adam Schefter and ESPN
“Miami federal judge Marcia G. Cooke has given the OK for JPP’s lawsuit to proceed against Schefter/ESPN for publishing private medical records after JPP blew off a finger in a 2015 fireworks accident.”

Wow… Another (alleged) publishing industry scam.
Academics and scientists: Beware of predatory journal publishers 
“In its lawsuit against OMICS Group — which operates hundreds of online journals in a variety of fields — the FTC says the company bombards people with emails soliciting articles, misrepresents the reputation of its publications, and doesn’t disclose that authors have to pay substantial fees — ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars — to be published.”

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