Whispers and Warnings for 08/03/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 08/03/2016

So, Christian bakeries get sued for refusing service but non-Christian newspapers that refuse Christian ads don’t?
Newspaper rejects ad over the word “Christian”
“The owners of a Christian bookstore in Knoxville, Tennessee were dumbfounded after the News Sentinel rejected their ad because it included an offensive word – ‘Christian…'”

So, in that neck of the woods, does the publisher or the author hold those rights?
National Bookstore mulls lawsuit over Harry Potter
“National Bookstore (NBS) is exploring legal and commercial options against rival Fully Booked following the sale of supposed unauthorized editions of the latest book of the popular Harry Potter franchise.”

This 25-year-old magazine may cease publishing rather than cave to censors.
Chinese magazine harassed by censors prepares for battle
“The magazine’s survival is in doubt as the authorities try to install editors who will march more closely to the political tune of President Xi Jinping. That would end the magazine’s relative independence, and editors have said they would rather let it die than continue compromised.”

As a creative professional with copyrighted works, I can say that the EFF is NO friend of mine!
EFF Sues U.S. Government Over DMCA
If somebody needs to briefly quote a book, why do they need to be able to “legally” strip away security features in an attempt to do so? This lawsuit is ridiculous!

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