Whispers and Warnings for 07/26/2016

Whispers and Warnings for 07/26/2016



Xulon Press angered this author so much…he made a video about it!
“They were selling a publicity package, trying to tell me if I were to buy it…I would be on Oprah or Larry King.”


Wow! You’d think such a large publication would know better!
Daily Mail Must Face Defamation Suit After Using Photo of Porn Star in HIV Story
“In 2013, the Daily Mail released an article headlined, ‘Porn industry shuts down with immediate effect after female performer tests positive for HIV.’ The publication chose to use as its main image a photograph of Manzari despite the fact that she wasn’t the female performer being referenced.”

Did the Mexican government facilitate this lawsuit…or not?
Mexico: Journalist claims lawsuit ‘a clear case of judicial harassment’ after she exposed scandal involving president’s wife
“The lawsuit filed against Carmen Aristegui (and her publisher) demands the withdrawal of her book from the country’s stores.”

Website demands blogger remove post
WeWork is demanding a tenant take down a blog suggesting cancellations have surged in recent months
“WeWork, the office-space sharing start-up with an estimated $16 billion valuation, has demanded that one of its tenants take down a blog on a public website that suggests the rate at which members leave has surged in recent months.”

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