Whispers And Warnings For 07/13/2016

Whispers And Warnings For 07/13/2016

DUMB LAWSUIT ALERT! These parents let their kid use Snapchat unsupervised and now they’re whining about exposure to smut? Seriously??
Snapchat Sued Over X-Rated Material
“A teenage boy who says he encountered racy material on Snapchat has filed a potential class-action lawsuit against the company.”

It always amazes me how many people and firms think that photos are up for grabs!
Photographer Sues Universal Music Group and B.B. King
“B.B. King and Universal Music Group straight up jacked a series of photos and used them on various album covers … so claims a photographer in a new lawsuit.”

Businessman files suit in his own country against a foreign paper
Libel suit against Israeli newspaper can proceed in Canada, court rules
“A libel action stemming from an Israeli newspaper article about a Canadian businessman can proceed in Ontario, the province’s top court ruled Tuesday.”

A step in the right direction…finally. Now, what about counterfeit goods made in China??
In China, copyright violators to be placed on blacklist
“Blacklists naming websites, mobile apps and other platforms that violate copyrights will be created as part of the latest campaign to tackle copyright infringement, China’s top copyright watchdog said on Tuesday.”

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