Whispers and Warnings For 07/06/2016

Whispers and Warnings For 07/06/2016

Is your book waaaay underpriced at Amazon, too?
The Book Discount Beat Goes on at Amazon
“To illustrate the dollar gap between Amazon’s book prices and publishers’ list prices, we looked at the current top five books on the Publishers Weekly Hardcover and Trade Paperback lists…”

Tate Publishing owes Xerox $1.7 MILLION??? Threats to repossess equipment!
Printing Company Xerox Brings Lawsuit Against Metro-Based Tate Publishing
“Tate Publishing, a Christian book and music publisher based in Mustang, Oklahoma, is facing a lawsuit from Xerox. The printing company alleges Tate owes over $1.7 million.”

AND ANOTHER LAWSUIT AGAINST TATE PUBLISHING! Second highest number of complaints.
Author Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks paid the company nearly $12,000. In her lawsuit, Susskind-Sacks alleged that Tate Publishing distributed two versions of her book, both laden with editing errors. Tate has yet to respond to the lawsuit in court. Last year, The Journal Record revealed that the Mustang-based publisher had been the target of nearly two dozen consumer complaints to the state attorney general in just eight months, the second-highest number of complaints for any business.”

And, more about Tate Publishing is here:

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