Whispers and Warnings for 03/28/2017

Whispers and Warnings for 03/28/2017

Net Neutrality Doomed?
Net Neutrality Rules Are Doomed But The Internet Will Remain Neutral
“The outcome will be relevant to just about any business with an online presence, and to internet users in general. Some of them fear a rollback of the brightline rules will enable ISPs to abuse ownership of internet networks by blocking or biasing content to their benefit.”

In the battle against “fake news,” will the First Amendment be collateral damage?
Tell California Assembly Not To Ignore The First Amendment As It Tries To Ban Fake News
“It is unlawful for a person to knowingly and willingly make, publish or circulate on an Internet Web site, or cause to be made, published, or circulated in any writing posted on an Internet Web site, a false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote on either of the following: (a) Any issue submitted to voters at an election. (b) Any candidate for election to public office.”

Lawsuit over “Free Speech Zones”
Campus ‘free speech zones’ face new round of scrutiny
“Kevin Shaw, 27, says the community college violated his First Amendment rights in November when he was barred from passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution because he wasn’t in the free speech zone — an outdoor area roughly the size of three parking spaces — and because he hadn’t applied to use it.”

US Journalist, working for British paper, arrested in Moscow
Journalist, Stoughton native released after arrest at Russian opposition rally
“’Alec Luhn, who graduated from UW-Madison in 2010 and also worked as a Wisconsin State Journal intern, said Russian police arrested him for taking photos of other arrests at the protest, which drew thousands of people and was one of several rallies held across the country by opponents of President Vladimir Putin.”


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