Whispers and Warnings for 02/08/2018

Whispers and Warnings for 02/08/2018

Should certain books be banned from prisons? Weigh in using the comments box below!
Exactly what gets a book banned from prisons, in one US state’s spreadsheet
“Prisoners in Alabama are banned from being in book clubs. In Michigan and Ohio, prisoners are barred from reading books that teach computer skills. In Michigan, the computer programming manual C++ For Dummies was kept out of a prison in 2012 because it posed a ‘threat to the order/security of institution.’ The same reasoning applied to a book about Egyptian hieroglyphics…”

Are working conditions at Amazon-owned Whole Foods turning into an Amazon warehouse scenario?
‘I wake up … from nightmares:’ Why Whole Foods workers are hating life
“Seems the Austin, Texas-based chain, which was bought by Amazon last summer, has initiated a new inventory system called order to shelf (OTS) that is pretty hardcore — and breaking down morale.”

Bloggers jailed for criticizing the government in Belarus
Five-year suspended jail sentences for three Belarusian bloggers
“The five-year suspended jail sentences that three Belarusian bloggers received today from a court in Minsk on charges of ‘inciting hatred’ are incompatible with international standards on freedom of expression, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said.”

Writing about the hands that fed them may have led to their firing
Newsweek Guts Its Top Edit Staff Amid Legal Turmoil
“Staffers who spoke to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity pointed out that the fired editors had all published pieces reporting on the company’s recent troubles.”

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