Amazon’s Cheap-Postage Ride Might Be Over – Whispers and Warnings 12/06/18

Amazon’s Cheap-Postage Ride Might Be Over – Whispers and Warnings 12/06/18

Students get an early lesson in government tyranny.
High School Newspaper Suspended After Publishing ‘Disruptive’ Investigation
“Publication of Har-ber High School’s The Herald was suspended after it published a months-long investigation into the transfer of five varsity players from Har-Ber to Springdale High School, its arch-rival within the Springdale Public Schools district.”

Should Amazon get special rates through the USPS?
Trump panel wants to give USPS right to hike prices for Amazon, others
“The Package Coalition is concerned that, by raising prices and depriving Americans of affordable delivery services, the Postal Task Force’s package delivery recommendations would harm consumers, large and small businesses, and especially rural communities…”

Journalists in the U.S. are far safer than our foreign counterparts!
Threat to journalists at highest level in 10 years, report says
“The price of protecting the right to freedom of expression and information has become extremely high: death, detention, and fear loom large for communicators and activists across the globe…”

Conspiracy theories prompt lawsuit
Father of boy killed at Sandy Hook suing Wisconsin author of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’
“The lawsuit, which also names the book’s publisher, says Pozner has had to move several times because of harassment from people who believe the theories.”

How would you like to win the “Bad Sex in Fiction” award?
Famous author known for fabricating parts of memoir wins Bad Sex in Fiction Award
“The multiple scenes of sustained fantasy in ‘Katerina’ could have won Frey the award many times over.”

I think I’m ready to just move into a cave…
Author furious after book on how to reduce plastic waste shrink-wrapped by distributor
“It undoes all our hard work and proves once again that we are using plastic with our eyes closed.”

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