Whispers and Warnings – 01/11/2016

Whispers and Warnings – 01/11/2016

Popular womens’ clothing store slapped with copyright infringement lawsuit
Artists Slap Retailer Francesca’s With $4 Million Suit for Theft of Enamel Pin Designs
A group of artists and designers has brought a copyright infringement suit against Francesca’s, a retailer of women’s clothing and accessories, and two vendors who do business with them. In a complaint filed Friday in the US District Court, Southern District of New York, the plaintiffs allege that the companies have been selling enamel pins that duplicate their designs.

Hulk Hogan lawyer to sue on behalf of “Inventor of Email.”
Self-Proclaimed ‘Inventor Of Email’ Is Back With Another Defamation Lawsuit
Ayyadurai has long claimed that he was the bona fide inventor of what we refer to as email. It’s true that he wrote code for an electronic messaging platform at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1978, and subsequently copyrighted that software, which he referred to as “EMAIL,” four years later.

Surprise support for controversial author!!
Free Speech Groups, Literature Associations, English Teachers Declare Support for MILO Book Publisher
Several major literature and anti-censorship organizations have signed a statement defending publisher Simon and Schuster’s “right to publish” MILO’s upcoming book Dangerous, which has seen many others threaten to boycott the company.

She alerted the world of Germany’s invasion of Poland by hanging a phone out the window!!
Journalist Clare Hollingworth who broke news of Second World War dies aged 105
When the Nazis launched their invasion days later, she called British diplomats and her newspaper to alert them, hanging the phone out the window so they could hear it for themselves.



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