This Week’s Whispers & Warnings: September 17th

Experience Magazine (Sacramento) / Powerhouse Communications – Writer alleges publication never published first issue and that writers have gone unpaid

Mothering Magazine – reader unhappy with “wishy-washy” treatment

Lousy Gannett Contract (Iowa Parent/ 50+ Lifestyles) – Reader shares unfair portions of Gannett’s contract

CuppaNews / Tama Westman – reader reports she entered contest, paid fee and winners never announced. Emails not being answered.

The Independent Pen – Writer alleges non-payment, publication of articles without credit

Mars Publishing – authors allege non-payment

Paypal – We stopped using them when they demanded our bank account information, even though we only used their services to pay people with our credit card. Their demands for our bank info. just didn’t make any sense, so we terminated the relationship. Well, it appears they have many unhappy customers.