More Publishers In Trouble! – Whispers and Warnings 10/31/18

More Publishers In Trouble! – Whispers and Warnings 10/31/18

Paper sues advertiser for pulling ads over editorial coverage?!
Middletown council president calls lawsuit filed by newspaper ‘baseless’
“The paper’s lawyer, Aaron D. Martin, claims the ad ban has sent his client to ‘publishing purgatory by infringing on the Press & Journal’s rights to freedom of speech…”

Another one bites the dust… I hope their authors contact BookLocker so they can get their books back on the market FAST!
Medallion Press Files for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
“Under a Chapter 7 filing, a trustee will liquidate a company’s assets in order to earn as much money as it can to pay creditors. “

Authors sue another defunct publisher
Authors Sue Owner of Green Ivy Publishing, Alleging Fraud
“Among other warning signs, no fees were listed for any of the ‘author services’ purportedly provided. Missing prices on a vanity publisher’s website usually signal that it’s expensive.”

Round-robin of pointed fingers!
Austrian politician convicted of libel for accusing man of sexual harassment on Facebook
“…a judge at the Regional Court for Criminal Matters in Vienna ruled that Green Party politician Sigrid Maurer libeled the owner of a city craft beer store because she couldn’t prove that he actually posted the harassing messages on his Facebook account.”


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