Did Amazon ask police to enforce worker productivity? – Whispers and Warnings 11/29/18

Did Amazon ask police to enforce worker productivity? – Whispers and Warnings 11/29/18

Predatory Publishing – the price of blowing the whistle
Professor banned from campus after noting most colleagues published in ‘predatory journals’
“Administrators told him in January that faculty, staff and students were ‘afraid of him’ – without giving him even redacted complaints – and ordered Pyne to get a psychological examination or take ‘forced medical leave,’ he told Inside Higher Ed.”

Did Amazon ask police to enforce worker productivity? Who do you believe?
Amazon denies it asked ‘dumfounded’ Spanish police to patrol INSIDE its warehouse to ensure productivity was maintained during a strike outside
“Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported that Amazon approached police officials after thousands of Spanish workers announced they would be striking. The paper said Amazon wanted local officers ‘to force employees to go to their respective jobs and ensure their performance was identical to that of a normal working day’.”

Mega-church isn’t turning the other cheek
Harvest Bible Chapel sues critics, accusing them of defamation
“In the lawsuit, the church accuses The Elephant’s Debt of conducting ‘an ongoing campaign of harassment’ and publishing defamatory statements that paint MacDonald in a false light. The suit says the critics’ publication constitutes ‘commercial disparagement.'”

Australia can block online piracy websites
Australia Tightens Online Piracy Laws
“Passed by the lower house last month, the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2018 has now made it through the Senate. It widens the country’s existing website-blocking system by allowing copyright owners to apply for injunctions to force ISPs to prevent their customers from accessing pirate sites.”

Amazon seems to be stepping on toes worldwide
Amazon targeted in German competition probe
“Amazon functions as a kind of ‘gatekeeper’ for customers,” Andreas Mundt, head of Germany’s Federal Cartel Office, said in a statement. “Its double role as the largest retailer and largest marketplace has the potential to hinder other sellers on its platform.”

Amazon experiencing pushback from NY unions
Amazon hit for ‘dehumanizing’ and ‘deadly’ employment practices by labor union amid New York expansion
“The union’s 13-page report, which is primarily drawn from information in the public domain and press coverage of the retail giant, states that nine workers have died at Amazon facilities since 2013.”

Conde Nast is growing, re-strategizing.
Two Become One: Condé Nast to Combine Operations; CEO to Exit
“The two halves of Condé being combined officially into one entity is something the company has slowly been moving toward this year. But the exit of Sauerberg seems likely tied to an inability to get Condé on steady ground over the last few years; the company may break even this year, but it’s lost about $250 million over the previous two.”

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