Amazon’s Big Tax Breaks – Whispers and Warnings 11/15/18

Amazon’s Big Tax Breaks –  Whispers and Warnings 11/15/18

Bars Targeted for Copyright Infringement
Copyright infringement lawsuit could cost Oceanfront bar thousands
“The one thing that these 12 establishments have in common is we made dozens of efforts stretching back over years to get these establishments properly licensed…”

Unleading a “troll storm” can lead to BIG legal problems! 
Judge Allows Case Against Neo-Nazi Publisher to Proceed
“Gersh says hundreds of people harassed and threatened her family online and by phone and mail after Anglin accused her of trying to force the mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer out of the Montana town of Whitefish in 2016.”

Just one of several things that average New Yorkers don’t like about the Amazon Headquarters deal
New York Is Giving Amazon a Helipad and New Yorkers Are Furious
“The helipad is particularly galling to New Yorkers crammed in overcrowded subways.”

…And, Amazon gets BIG tax breaks
$1.5 Billion in tax breaks lured Amazon to Long Island City
“Critics of the project have argued that the government should not spend public dollars to lure the company — which has contributed to the decline of brick-and-mortar retail — to a city that is already an attractive location for companies like Amazon.”


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