Amazon cutting off many foreign bookstores – Whispers and Warnings 11/08/18

Amazon cutting off many foreign bookstores – Whispers and Warnings 11/08/18

Did you know one of Amazon’s largest resellers of books, Abe Books, is OWNED BY AMAZON?!

Booksellers Protest Amazon Site’s Move to Drop Stores From Certain Countries
“Mr. Brown, one of the dealers organizing the protests, said that for many of the booksellers, AbeBooks’ actions underlined both Amazon’s power and its refusal to be accountable for it.”

Fake “Reality” TV exposed in this failed defamation lawsuit?

Discovery Beats Defamation Lawsuit as Judge Ponders What’s True in “Reality” Television
“‘In deciding whether Lundin was falsely and unlawfully portrayed, it is significant that the show more than just occasionally falsely depicted what was actually occurring,’ she writes. ‘For example, the show often portrayed the hosts as having little access to food and water. In reality, the hosts ate breakfast and dinner at ‘resorts…'”

Breach of online ISBN source

Bowker Investigating Breach of ISBN Site
“According to its announcement, Bowker said it has ‘disabled purchasing and title data management functionalities at’ while it ‘works ‘to implement additional security enhancements.'”



WOW! Interesting business model! (And, also explains how your terminated book might wind up on Amazon.)

The Evolution of Online Book Arbitrage
“Caleb Roth, aka popular YouTuber the Book Flipper, has built a business out of advising people on how to run a book arbitrage business; at one point, he had 17,000 titles listed for sale on Amazon.”

A new way for music publishers to track performance of online music

Spotify Launches Publishing Analytics Platform
“According to the announcement, Spotify Publishing Analytics ‘will give publishers daily streaming statistics for the works and recordings they have identified, including playlist performance, as well as the ability to view data for each of the songwriters on their roster.'”


Do these drivers really think conditions will change?

Amazon is launching a new delivery program and hiring thousands of drivers, with a warning against ‘peeing in bottles’
“At a recent Amazon training for the new program, drivers were told the company ‘didn’t want people peeing in bottles,’ a source told Business Insider.”



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