Whispers and Warnings – 10/19/17

Whispers and Warnings – 10/19/17

School district must pay $10,000 for posting book online
New Mexico School District Settles Suit With Book Publisher
“The lawsuit claims the book ‘Everyday Editing’ by John Anderson was posted to the district’s website sometime before late March. Suit documents are unclear on how long the book may have been on the website.”

Note that none of the author’s “allegations” were denied, but that didn’t stop the lawsuit.
Lawsuit against Katina Powell, publisher and author of her book, has been settled
“At the parties, Powell alleges, she provided strippers who made deals to have sex with Louisville basketball players and recruits between 2010 and 2014.”

Amazon Studios – sexual harassment
Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid harassment allegations, company says
“Hackett alleged that Price repeatedly made lewd comments to her, despite her rebuffs, while they were both attending Comic-Con.”

Libel suit from Wolf of Wall Street
‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Producers Push for End to “Libel in Fiction” Lawsuit
“Scattered throughout the main room were sterling silver trays containing illegal drugs. In the main room, male guests at the party engaged in sexual relations with a prostitute.”


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