Tate Publishing’s Owners Heading Back to Court! Whispers and Warnings – 10/17/18

Tate Publishing’s Owners Heading Back to Court! Whispers and Warnings – 10/17/18

Next Tate Publishing hearing scheduled for November 7, 2018
Hearing set for Tate Publishing embezzlement case
“Former clients of the Mustang-based vanity press have continued to contact Attorney General Mike Hunter’s office with complaints since officials arrested Richard and Ryan Tate in May last year. The tally is now more than 2,100, spokeswoman Terri Watkins said Tuesday, easily the office’s record for attention generated by one business.”

Gee, how many lawsuits do you think this website will be served with?
Shitty Media Man Sues Creator of Shitty Media Men List
“On Wednesday, Stephen Elliott filed a lawsuit against Moira Donegan, the creator of the Shitty Media Men list, in which he asks for $1,500,000 in damages, alleging that his inclusion on the list and ‘[t]he wholly unsubstantiated allegations published in the List, particularly with regard to allegations about Plaintiff, contained numerous false statements alleging criminal sexual conduct on the part of Plaintiff.'”

Somebody’s about to be out of a job…
FBI official improperly accepted sports tickets from reporter, watchdog finds
“The office of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that the unnamed official had not reimbursed the correspondent for the tickets, despite initially claiming under oath that he had done so. The watchdog said that the official’s actions violated federal regulations on gifts.”

The defendant doesn’t have to prove the statement was true.
Priest abuse case offers libel lesson
“A Michigan priest who’d been accused of sexual misconduct in several Detroit area newspapers recently saw the court dismiss his libel claims. The case demonstrates that the plaintiff in a libel suit has the burden of proving the allegedly defamatory statement is false.”



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