Did Romance Novelist Kill Chef Husband?; Graffiti Copyright Protection; Amazon Becoming Less Attractive to Small Retailers – Whispers and Warnings – 09/06/2018

Did Romance Novelist Kill Chef Husband?; Graffiti Copyright Protection; Amazon Becoming Less Attractive to Small Retailers – Whispers and Warnings – 09/06/2018

Not very romantic, eh?

Romance novelist allegedly murdered chef husband at Oregon Culinary Institute

Her website says (among other things): “Like all marriages, we’ve had our ups and downs, more good times than bad. Most recently we have spent fourteen nail-biting months living in an apartment while our house was rebuilt from a house-fire.”

Amazon becoming less attractive to small retailers

For some small sellers, Amazon loses its luster

“They come across as a company that is so cutthroat, like ‘We will hunt you down and find anyone who said anything bad,’ said one of the sellers.”

Did you ever think we’d be defending graffiti against “copyright infringement?”

Preventing a Graffiti Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

“The once completely underground art scene is now beginning to operate more openly, making the likelihood of legal claims and litigation higher.”

What does the future hold for B&N?

Publishers Puzzled, Frustrated by Parneros Lawsuit

“Executives were not against a sale, as long as it isn’t to Amazon, a possibility that is a long shot at best given the tumultuous history between the two companies and the chance such a deal would bring up antitrust issues.”

“Buy Button” bidding is here to stay.

Publishers Are Urged to Monitor Amazon Buy Buttons

“The majority of the buy buttons that were won by third-party sellers, Firebrand found, were controlled by seven companies, and the average selling price for each book offered by a third-party seller was about 33% off of its price.”

Here’s the federal bureaucracy doing what it does best – harassing the little guy

Virginia Books: Outdated Federal Law Threatens Unique Richmond Publisher

“It turns out a little-known provision of federal law makes it illegal to publish a new book in the United States without providing the federal government with two free copies.”

Predatory publisher falsely lists legitamate professors on it editorial board

These Professors Don’t Work for a Predatory Publisher. It Keeps Claiming They Do.

“Tales of scholars who have been snookered by unscrupulous publishers are commonly told. But the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science has claimed another set of victims: Professors who say their names and clout have been poached.”

Village Voice downsizing

The Village Voice ends editorial production, lays off half of staff

“Due to the business realities, we are going to stop publishing Village Voice new material,”

THIS is what suppression of free speech looks like.

Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence

“‘Producing and distributing content that ridicules, mocks, provokes and disrupts public order, religious values and public morals through social media … will be considered a cybercrime punishable by a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of three million riyals ($800,000),’ the public prosecution tweeted late Monday.”


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