Amazon’s Book Availability Problems Now Affecting Even MORE Publishers?! IS YOUR BOOK AFFECTED?? – Whispers and Warnings – 08/23/18

Amazon’s Book Availability Problems Now Affecting Even MORE Publishers?! IS YOUR BOOK AFFECTED?? – Whispers and Warnings – 08/23/18

NOTE: BookLocker sued Amazon for similar practices several years ago – and won
Amazon Damaging Sales of Small Press Books
“I noticed that Amazon had changed the book to ‘not available.’ I contacted my publisher and they immediately logged a trouble ticket with Amazon to try to get the issue fixed. A week passed, and not only did Amazon not fix the problem … they cancelled all existing pre-orders. Today, my book is still listed as unavailable.”

Attn: Authors and Publishers – Have YOU been having problems with Amazon, too? Do they involve availability issues for your books on Amazon’s site, “out of stock” or “unavailable” listings, incorrect posted delivery time estimates, delayed delivery on orders, canceled orders, or Amazon contacting your readers by email to ask if they want to cancel their orders because delivery is taking too long or because they’re having a hard time obtaining your book from their “supplier?” Please tell us about it RIGHT HERE

#Metoo Hits The Comic Publishing Industry
A comics publisher is taking cartoonists to court for accusing him of rape
“Since no one brought legal charges against Pickrodt in the first place, his lawsuit is perceived as an aggressive escalation—and as an attempt to silence people speaking out against sexual harassment.”

“Royalty-on-sale” compensation vs. “Relative Use” Lawsuit
Cengage Answers Lawsuit Over New Subscription Service
“Further, the authors claim that Cengage is not properly compensating authors for the ‘digital courseware’ and other add-ons such as ‘multimedia displays, homework, quizzes, tests and other supplements’ derived from the authors’ work, and has refused to allow the authors to audit their royalty payments.”

College Newspaper Censorship
Liberty University: Censorship of the Student Newspaper or Editorial Control?
“It’s one thing for a private entity to exercise editorial control over what gets published and what doesn’t. It’s another thing altogether to exert control outside of the bounds of the paper, not to mention changing the words of the writers in published pieces.”

This is NOT the way to keep the media honest…
NY Times Reporter Receives Threatening Voicemail: ‘The Pen is Not Mightier Than the AK-47’
“You’re the problem. You are the enemy of the people. And although the pen might be mightier than the sword, the pen is not mightier than the AK-47…” founders claim victimhood. Uh huh…’s Founders Speak for the First Time
“The story of their arrest, then, is better understood as one of near-religious fervor, government greed, and political retribution, in which an escalating panic over commercial sex coincided with a booming online publishing platform.”


33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Blind Characters

I admire any writer who wants to tackle a blind character. But so many writers take up this challenge and FAIL. They research blindness by reading other fiction books, by observing their blind colleagues and acquaintances, and by tying on a blindfold and pretending to be blind themselves.

I understand the challenges your characters face, their triumphs, their hopes and their fears, because I've lived them. I work with people who have varying degrees of blindness every day, so I've seen every challenge, every situation you could imagine.

Let me share my knowledge to improve your writing. You can create blind characters that readers will fall in love with.

~Stephanie Green



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