WritersWeekly.com Whispers and Warnings for 05/17/18

WritersWeekly.com Whispers and Warnings for 05/17/18

The Tate Publishing empire continues to unravel
Defunct publisher’s Oklahoma properties go to auction
“The properties come from an October lawsuit filed by BancFirst seeking priority over Tate Publishing assets to pay off mortgage default balances worth nearly $700,000.”

Will Amazon strike back at Seattle for the new “head tax?”
Amazon’s Threats to Leave Seattle Are Ultimately Empty
“If Seattle tries another stunt like that head tax, Amazon will finally and forever stop ‘growth here’ and take its money bags to another one (HQ2) that’s friendly to big business and wisely directs its revenues to anything that improves the climate for big business.”

Offering textbook content online through subscription services ruffles authors’ feathers
Textbook Authors Sue Cengage Over Subscription Service
“Two authors have filed a federal lawsuit against educational publisher Cengage, alleging that the company’s new Cengage Unlimited subscription service will improperly cost them sales and royalty payments.”

Apparent decline in authors of original content suing writers of fan fiction
It Used To Be Perilous To Write Fanfiction
“These days, fandoms are visible enough that sending them cease and desist letters to enforce your copyright can have a negative impact on your work, and many creators are opting just to play along.”

Can one word (‘Cocky’) be trademarked?
Romance writer ignites copyright war after securing ownership of the word ‘cocky’
“Although the word is used in romance novels almost as often as ‘manhood,’ or ‘love canal,”‘ a California novelist has managed to secure exclusive use of the word “cocky” for her romance novel titles, and her jealous rivals are as enraged as a spurned spouse.”




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