WritersWeekly.com Whispers and Warnings for 05/03/18

WritersWeekly.com Whispers and Warnings for 05/03/18

Unfortunate Development in Christian Publishing
Nashville ghostwriter sues Christian publisher over new Billy Graham biography
“HarperCollins Christian Publishing is accused of reneging on their contract to pay John Perry royalties on the book authored by Franklin Graham and Donna Lee Toney.”

A Case of Bad Apples…or Sour Grapes?
The DNC Lawsuit and First Amendment Sensitivities
“The First Amendment generally bars civil or criminal liability for publication of truthful material about a matter of public concern by someone who did not obtain the information illegally.”

Think twice before applying for a writing job here!
Is The IAPWE A Scam Preying On Writers?
When an organization solicits “applications” for employment, then invites the applicants to sign up for a paid membership – red flags are flapping in the breeze!!

Did RedState Lay Off Writers Who Were “Insufficiently Partisan”?
Exclusive: Fired RedState Writer Slams Site Over Hypocrisy of Layoffs: We Were ‘Insufficiently Partisan’
“Somebody else used the term, ‘insufficiently partisan,’ and that’s accurate,” Wright said. She added that she believes RedState is ‘going to be pro-Trump now.’”

Big Court Decision Concerning Re-Distribution Rights
After 17 Years of Litigation, ‘Freelance’ Writers Finally Collect
“…in the final tally, 2494 writers were mailed checks totaling $9,456,000 in compensation. The publishers defendants were also responsible for paying attorneys’ fees and costs totaling $3,906,000, and claims administration expenses of $889,000.”