Whispers and Warnings for 04/19/17

Whispers and Warnings for 04/19/17

It’s called a PARODY!
Louis C.K., ‘SNL’ accused of ‘potential plagiarizing’ Tig Notaro’s short film
“Comedian Tig Notaro is speaking out against Louis C.K.’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ ‘Birthday Clown’ sketch which she says closely resembles her short film ‘Clown Service.'”

WOW! Expensive Facebook post!
This Woman’s Facebook Post Ended Up Costing Her $500K
“After a two-years, the lawsuit was settle and Hammond owes Dial a whopping $250,000 for actual damages — a.k.a. the emotional distress and defamation — and another $250,000 for punitive damages.”

New Amazon seller scam revealed
Amazon Scammers Are Using This Trick to Make Millions
“Many of Amazon’s third-party sellers assert that most of the ‘just launched’ merchants on Amazon Marketplace are peddling products that simply don’t exist, offering a low price to entice naive buyers.”

Discrimination is discrimination, regardless who is perpetrating it.
Lesbian Journalist Fired For Being Too Old Sues LGBT Publication
“Bobby Blair, the CEO of Frontiers magazine’s parent company, Multimedia Platforms Worldwide, told PressPassQ, ‘Unfortunately, Karen fell where we realized we were moving toward a digital and Millennial audience, and we wanted to give the generation of Millennials a real shot at creating out content.'”


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