Writers Digest publisher files for bankruptcy; Publisher of N. Korea book warns buyers; Amazon refuses ad $ for products not generating a profit; and much more! Whispers and Warnings for 03/28/19

Writers Digest publisher files for bankruptcy; Publisher of N. Korea book warns buyers; Amazon refuses ad $ for products not generating a profit; and much more! Whispers and Warnings for 03/28/19

Intentional infliction of financial distress?
‘Mockingbird’ Play Publisher Demands $500,000 From Harper Lee Estate
“He accused the property of the ‘Mockingbird’ creator, Harper Lee…of inflicting monetary losses to Dramatic Publishing by making “false statements” to native theaters.”

How can the publisher stay in business if nobody wants to pay?
The costs of academic publishing are absurd. The University of California is fighting back.
“The UC system just dropped its $10 million-a-year subscription to the world’s largest publisher of academic journals.”

Who in their right mind would travel to North Korea?!
Don’t take this North Korea guidebook with you, warns publisher
“A French publisher has produced a rare guide to North Korea, highlighting its history, cultural wealth and beautiful landscapes but advising tourists not to take the politically sensitive book with them.”

Another one bites the dust. 🙁
LifeWay Christian Resources to close brick-and-mortar stores
“LifeWay Christian Resources will close all of its 170 brick-and-mortar stores this year as store traffic and sales lag, the organization announced Wednesday.”

Will Writers Digest go out of business?
Writer’s Digest publisher F+W Media files for bankruptcy
“F+W Media, based in New York, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday, announcing plans to sell its assets.”

I’ve seen the writing bots produce…and it ain’t pretty!
The rise of robot authors: is the writing on the wall for human novelists?
“Artificial intelligence can now write fiction and journalism. But does it measure up to George Orwell – and can it report on Brexit?”

This only affects firms that are purchasing ads on Amazon.
Amazon is aggressively blocking ads for unprofitable products as part of a plan to bolster its bottom line
“One or more of your products no longer qualifies for advertising because the sale of this product on Amazon.com currently results in a loss to Amazon.” The email goes on to say that the brand must “lower the product’s cost” to Amazon in order to become eligible for advertising again.

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