Ebook sales down AGAIN; Audiobook sales UP; Saturday Night Live plagiarism?; More Amazon warehouse injuries – Whispers and Warnings for 03/21/19

Ebook sales down AGAIN; Audiobook sales UP; Saturday Night Live plagiarism?; More Amazon warehouse injuries – Whispers and Warnings for 03/21/19

When I was a teenager, I sent Saturday Night Live an idea for a fake commercial advertising a “reusable bandaid.” 😉
‘Saturday Night Live’ Accused of Plagiarizing New York Comedy Duo’s Sketches
“’Saturday Night Live’ aired last October a sketch about a pumpkin patch where the employees, much to the consternation of the proprietor, engage in sexual intercourse with the product. ‘The Pumpkin Patch’ was lewd, funny, and seasonally appropriate. But according to Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman, it was something else — theft.” 

Audiobooks are growing in popularity.
Audiobook increased by 37.1% and ebooks declined by 3.6% in 2018
Since 2013, downloaded audio has been the trade book format with the greatest percent growth. In 2018 it grew by 37.1%, adding $127.1 million in revenue compared to 2017.

I predicted this years ago!
Our love affair with ebooks is over
“Digital books were once heralded as being a replacement for print and everyone in the bookselling and publishing industry were scared. It looks like our love affair with ebooks is over, primarily due to stagnant sales and a resurgence of print.”

This is very sad. The court will need to decide who owns that photograph.
Harvard sued over use of photograph of slave
A Connecticut woman is suing Harvard University for allegedly profiting from a photo of her family’s patriarch, an African slave who was forced to pose naked in what historians believe is one of the oldest images of enslaved people in the United States.

More problems in Amazon’s warehouses.
She Injured Herself Working at Amazon. Then The Real Nightmare Began.
How Amazon’s in-house health care can leave workers in the lurch.
“In the past six years, at least five workers have died while working at Amazon warehouses, according to state and federal OSHA reports. In 2018, Amazon made the ‘dirty dozen’ list of the most dangerous companies to work for, put out annually by National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, an independent worker safety group.”


33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Blind Characters

I admire any writer who wants to tackle a blind character. But so many writers take up this challenge and FAIL. They research blindness by reading other fiction books, by observing their blind colleagues and acquaintances, and by tying on a blindfold and pretending to be blind themselves.

I understand the challenges your characters face, their triumphs, their hopes and their fears, because I've lived them. I work with people who have varying degrees of blindness every day, so I've seen every challenge, every situation you could imagine.

Let me share my knowledge to improve your writing. You can create blind characters that readers will fall in love with.

~Stephanie Green


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3 Responses to "Ebook sales down AGAIN; Audiobook sales UP; Saturday Night Live plagiarism?; More Amazon warehouse injuries – Whispers and Warnings for 03/21/19"

  1. joe sixpak  March 21, 2019 at 11:46 pm

    er…. um….. this link from the article says audio books are down 21.5%

    • By Angela Hoy - Publisher of WritersWeekly.com  March 22, 2019 at 12:08 pm

      It says downloaded audiobooks are up 37.1%. Physical audiobooks are, of course, down 21.5% because almost nobody buys CDs anymore. 🙂


  2. Michael W. Perry, medical writer  March 21, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    Dismal sales for ebooks isn’t surprising. Their promoters chatter on endlessly about embedded media (audio and video) that add little of benefit and that few publisher or authors can afford. Meanwhile nothing is done to add useful features that would make ebooks stand out from printed books.

    If the auto industry still manufactured cars like they did in the 1960s, what do you think their sales would be like? Well, ebooks are like that. They’re little changed from those on Palm Pilots twenty years ago.