First Lady Libel; Big Media Layoffs; Teens Robbing Newstands; Congresswoman Deletes Tweets; and so much more! Whispers and Warnings 02-01-2019

First Lady Libel; Big Media Layoffs; Teens Robbing Newstands; Congresswoman Deletes Tweets; and so much more! Whispers and Warnings 02-01-2019

LIBEL – First Lady Reaches Settlement with the Telegraph

British newspaper apologizes, agrees to pay damages for ‘false statements’ about Melania Trump
“We apologise unreservedly to The First Lady and her family for any embarrassment caused by our publication of these allegations.”

PUBLISHING NEWS – Former Printing Plant to become Hemp Factory

Hemp company to move into former Binghamton-area publishing facility
“Southern Tier Hemp projects that the facility will employ 100 to 120 people within 36 months of opening, according to the newspaper.”

PUBLISHING NEWS – Big Media Layoffs

Paywalls And Layoffs: Media CEOs Reflect On The Publishing World’s ‘Radical Resizing’
“Over 1,000 jobs went away. BuzzFeed laid off 200 people (15% of its staff), Verizon Media laid off 800 people (7% of its staff) and Gannett laid off more than two dozen.”

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT – Virtual Private Networks Targeted in Canada

Bell Requested Canadian Government to Ban ‘Copyright Infringing’ VPNs in 2017
“Bell claimed that VPNs offering access to blocked content makes the services culpable for copyright infringement. The trade deal between the United States, Mexico and Canada Agreement (USMCA) did not include the telecom company’s proposal.”

LIBEL – Congresswoman Backs Off, Deletes Tweets in Face of Libel Suit

Leftist Congresswoman could be hit with libel suit over false claims about Covington teens
“Omar, a progressive Muslim, faced a social media backlash. Numerous other media and personalities acknowledged that initial reports and reaction to a viral video, which depicted an encounter between Covington Catholic students and a Native American counter-protester at the January 18th March for Life, was misreported.”

INVASION of PRIVACY – Watch Out for This iPhone Bug, and Keep Silent When You Get a FaceTime Request

New Apple FaceTime Feature Lets You Listen To The Other Line Even If They Don’t Answer
“According to 9to5Mac, you can call somebody via FaceTime and listen to their phone’s microphone regardless of whether the person you’re calling picks up.”

DEFAMATION  – Another Battle in the #MeToo Movement
Jay Asher, Author of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why,’ Files Defamation Lawsuit
“Now Mr. Asher, who denied the allegations, has filed a lawsuit against the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the group’s executive director, Lin Oliver, claiming that Ms. Oliver and the organization made false and defamatory statements about him that torpedoed his career, and caused financial harm and intentional emotional distress.”

PUBLISHING NEWS – Even Big Companies Can Do Stupid Things!

Thomas Nelson Faces $15M in Fraud, Breach of Contract Lawsuit
“Thomas Nelson, a part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing (HCCP), faces more than $15 million in damages owed to a printing company after a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee found it liable for breach of contract and fraud.”

RETAIL NEWS – Where Are Their Parents?!?!

Group Of Teens Targeting Midtown Newsstands In Violent Crime Spree, Police Say
“Police say a group of teens is behind a string of violent newsstand robberies in Manhattan.”

PUBLISHING NEWS – When Journalism Still Meant Researching and Reporting, not Reading and then Re-writing Someone Else’s Story…

Film on Breslin and Hamill shows perils of local journalism
“The two men embodied a time when New York was a rollicking and complicated place, and each lived for the streets and stories of the little guys who made the city run.”

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