Whispers and Warnings for 03/22/2017

Whispers and Warnings for 03/22/2017

Amazon – Killing American Jobs?
Amazon is going to kill more American jobs than China did
“… for retail workers, Amazon is a grave threat. Just ask the 10,100 workers who are losing their jobs at Macy’s. Or the 4,000 at The Limited. Or the thousands of workers at Sears and Kmart, which just announced 150 stores will be closing. Or the 125,000 retail workers who’ve been laid off over the past two years.”

Physician tries to silence critics using “trademark” lawsuit?
Another Free Speech Win In Libel Lawsuit Disguised As A Trademark Complaint
“…it looks like it’s finally the end of the line for Dr. Edward Tobinick and his quest to silence a critic of his questionable medical practices.”

First Amendment Fight in Texas school.
First Amendment controversy brews over Texas high school’s prayer room
Liberty High School in Frisco established the room in 2009, but Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is concerned that the room may be off-limits to students of other religious denominations.

Amazon listing fake retail prices?
Consumer Watchdog Says Amazon’s List Prices Are Bogus
“’The reference prices were an entirely bogus notional price that created the false impression that customers were getting a deal when they were not.'” – Petition written by John Simpson, Privacy Project director for Consumer Watchdog

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt lays off staffers
HMH Restructuring Begins
“As part of the restructuring, HMH said in the filing that it is making ‘organizational design changes across layers of the company below the executive team” that will result in “reductions in force.’ HMH also said it is in the process of finding a way to consolidate its office space.”