Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Writers – by Jane Fazackarley

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Writers – by Jane Fazackarley

For writers, there’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page. And, if you’re looking to get your writing juices flowing again, then help is at hand. From writing blog posts, to crafting fiction scenes, there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools to assist you with all areas of your work.

Let’s look at some general AI tools.

AI for non-fiction work

Different AI writing tools are appearing all over the Internet. While many people are skeptical of their usefulness, others find them a valuable asset for their writing. One of the most popular is Jasper, which works on a monthly subscription basis. With Jasper, users get 50 templates, including blog writing, copywriting, content rephrasing, e-commerce descriptions, and creative writing tools. Subscriptions start at $29.99 a month. However, writers can test it out with a free five-day trial. Jasper also offers several free resources, including Agency, SEO, web copy courses, and a Facebook group.

Like Jasper, WordHero provides multiple writing templates. Some worth highlighting include its tone changer, sentence expander, and blog writing features. Additionally, WordHero is a great marketing tool. Many writers find it difficult to sell themselves but, with cold email, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and social media bios, every writer can get a boost with their promotional efforts. WordHero costs $29 monthly if paid as an annual fee. However, it’s worth looking out for its special offers on AppSumo for significant cost savings.

Finally, Rytr is becoming a favorite among writers, with companies like Ikea, Pfizer, and Adidas using it. Although it has fewer use cases than other AI tools, it’s one of the best in terms of value. Rytr offers a free monthly plan allowing writers to generate up to 5,000 words a month. In addition, saver and unlimited plans are available, and priced at $9 and $29 a month, respectively.

AI for Fiction writers

Although the tools in the first section all offer creative templates, there are not many AI tools dedicated to the fiction genre.

One tool I discovered recently is Sudo Write. It’s available for $20 a month, and gives fiction writers a basic screen to focus on their writing. Aside from that, it provides features for many areas writers struggle with. For instance, if you’re struggling to get started, use the ‘brainstorm’ feature’ for character names, convincing world-building, plot points, descriptions, and more. Sudo Write also assists with Rewrites, Plot twists, and Poetry. And, if you get stuck, you can choose the ‘wormhole’ option, and let Sudo Write make suggestions for you.

AI Rewriting tools

Writers all have those moments when they look at a sentence, and know it doesn’t sound right. However, that needn’t be a problem. By using AI tools, you can transform your work, and move on to the next stage of your writing.

The first tool is QuillBot. Its primary function is as a paraphraser. However, it offers summarizing, citation generation, and grammar/plagiarism checkers, too. There is a free option but, to get the most from QuillBot, there’s a premium plan starting at $8.33 a month.

Next, WordTune has free and premium accounts, and rewrites sentences in the editor or in documents. As well as rewriting, users can expand and shorten sentences, or choose from a casual or formal tone. Free users can rewrite up to twenty sentences a day and there’s a Chrome plugin available for ease of use.

Finally, you can rewrite up to 400 words twice a day with Neil Patel’s free paragraph rewriter, which is in beta.

AI isn’t there to do your job as a writer for you. However, numerous tools are available that stop you from staring at a blank page. Whether you’re a fiction writer, non-fiction writer, or just looking for some help reworking sentences, the above tools are a helpful aid for today’s writers.


Jane Fazackarley is a freelance business writer specializing in creating content for the B2B, Cryptocurrency, and digital marketing sectors. She’s also a fiction writer and her debut novel Then he Left me is available on Amazon.



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