Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc.

Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc.
P.O. Box 1369,
Amherst, MA 01004

Phone: (917)604-7998

Editor: Gregory Hubbs, Editor-in-Chief; Dr. Joanna Hubbs, Senior Editor.
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About The Publication:

Founded in 1977 by journalist/professor/study abroad advisor Dr. Clay Hubbs as an educational travel magazine. Now our webzine, “TAzine,” is the only online periodical for work, volunteering, study, educational & responsible travel, and living overseas. “We publish practical information-filled stories about these subjects, no travel journals, no cruise ship or U.S. destination pieces. We focus on the people, and responsible immersion into another culture, and not bringing your own culture with you.” Website receives up to 8 million visitors yearly; 60% of audience is U.S; almost all college and post-graduates. Period between acceptance and publication varies, but is usually within a month. Buys one-time rights for Web. Responds 1-14 days if interested. Browse featured articles on website. Detailed writers’ guidelines for submissions for inclusion on our website, webzine (“TAzine”), and three annual contests are here:

Current Needs:

“We currently have a need for articles on experiences and top places to work, teach, volunteer, live, and study, and travel abroad off-the-beaten-path. Educational travel and language study abroad articles from teens through seniors are welcome.” “Always looking for experienced writers to become regular contributors, columnists, or contributing editors. Fees for regular contributors are by agreement. Check guidelines for more info. Articles run 600-1000 with a 2000 word max. Submit per our guidelines and on spec.”

Pays $50-$150 depending upon length. Average pay $100.


Pay included in article fee. $100 paid for “TAzine” covers in standard portrait mode.


“Don’t send us a journal about your trip. It’s about the reader’s trips. Write your piece to be practical yet inspirational for fellow passionate and educated travelers, and not available in every guidebook. Don’t send us stories about standard tourist destinations, cruise ships, or the U.S. Write your piece about the people of other cultures. Well-researched sidebars full of practical resources which others can use are critical. Browse some of the thousands of current and archived articles on the website before you submit, please.”

Welcomes New Writers: