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Editor: Mark Hodson, Editor
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About The Publication:

“A group of six travel offering travel inspiration and recommendations. As well as the main site, our specialist sites focus on honeymoons, singles holidays, family travel, short breaks and the USA.” Works with new writers, “but they will typically be either experienced travel writers or enter through our internship program. Pays within 7 days of publication. Publishes ms approx. 7-14 days after acceptance. “We retain the right to publish the article on our website and third-party websites through syndication programmes. Copyright remains with the writer.” No reprints. Response time varies. Sample articles online. Guidelines online.

Pays £50 – £100.

Current Needs:

“We are always looking for fresh original ideas, and for writers that can deliver bright, clean, accurate copy to order. We are not interested in “What I did on my vacation”. Pays £50 – £100 for 800-1500 words. “New writers need to send one article – published or unpublished – and we typically ask them to send some feature ideas to see if we are on the same wavelength. Qualifications are not important.”

Pays £50 – £100 for 800-1500 words.


“Good images will always increase the chance of an article getting published.” No additional pay.


“The most common mistake in travel is to write about your own personal experience with no real insight or practical application for the reader. That’s fine if you’re Bill Bryson or Paul Theroux, in which case you should approach a book publisher or agent. Travel journalists need to write for their readers. Poor research is also commonplace.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes