Yummy Worms!

We visited our local Home Depot last week and Richard offered to wait in the van while Ali, Max, and I perused the plants. Our 20-minute landscaping binge sure made Richard sorry he’d stayed behind! There was nobody there to say, “Whoa! Enough!!”

On Sunday, after the morning drizzles ceased, Ali and I took advantage of my day off (I get one of those each week!) to put all our new beauties in the ground. The yard is looking very nice right now…and I’m wondering which plant is going to croak first.

While digging, we found dozens of humongous, fat, slimy earthworms. Richard hates mushy things and I thought he was going to lose his breakfast when I pretended to eat the biggest one. Heh…

On Sunday night, we watched our favorite show, The Sopranos, and I was really thrown for a loop when they killed off my favorite character. It reminded me of how clever TV writers can be. I was impressed! They made me adore a character…and then they killed that character off with no warning whatsoever. It left me…grieving? Yes, maybe that’s the word (sniff). Gosh, I wish I could write fiction like that!

Hugs to all!

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