We’re in FLORIDA! (No, Not THAT Florida)

As I wrote last week, we escaped Maine, and are heading for the Florida Keys. We often take our business on the road for extended trips in our RV. Since our business is conducted almost entirely online, we can take off indefinitely, provided we have an Internet connection. We actually have four different ways to get online: T-mobile, AT&T, our satellite dish service and the wifi service at each campground. Heck, I can even answer emails while Richard’s driving down the highway… though reading a bouncing screen does seem to give me a headache.

I am writing this on Tuesday evening at 10:30 p.m. We are in Florida, New York. Yes, there is such a thing. I thought it was humorous that Richard penciled this city into our itinerary… since we’re heading to the Florida Keys. But, Richard swears it was a coincidence.

Except for a “burning rubber” smell coming from our tow vehicle when we arrived back here after dinner this evening, everything has been running pretty smooth… so far. We’ll investigate that funny smell again tomorrow. The car’s engine was running before the stink so I’m hoping it’s an engine problem and not something rubbing near the wheel or brake (which would interrupt our trip pretty severely because we wouldn’t be able to tow).

You can read about our adventures and also see photos here:

I think you’ll enjoy the one of Mason eating a Push-up Pop.

This Week’s Maxism:

Out of the blue, Max asked, “Mom, did you have lots of Barbie Dolls when you were little?”

I replied, “Oh yeah, I had tons of Barbies.”

He responded, “Did you ever have a Turboman Barbie Doll?”



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