The UFO We Captured on Camera Back in 2005 – Have YOU Seen One?

The UFO We Captured on Camera Back in 2005 – Have YOU Seen One?

With all the talk about UFOs, UAPs, and “non humans” during and after the House UFO Hearing this week, I wanted to reshare a post I made back in 2005 when we were RVing full time:

We checked into Hickory Hill Camping Resort around mid-afternoon and then drove the car to the grocery store. On our way back, we spotted a hot air balloon. The children had never seen a real one and we were thrilled when we realized we had a great view of it from the campground. We took several photos of the balloon yet this is the only one that has that strange object in it.

It may not have been a UFO, but just UFL (Unidentified Fuzzy Lint) but we don’t think there was anything on the lens because there are photos taken just before and after and the object doesn’t appear in them. Please note that we did not notice this when we were looking at the balloon. So, it may be nothing. Still, it was great fun imagining there might have been a UFO over our campground today! The children were very excited.


That is a photo of a photo that is located in a photo album.

Here is the original electronic image (we didn’t all have fancy iphone cameras back then) saved on our server, which is only 72 dpi.

My mother reported seeing one years ago while traveling after dark near Area 51.

When we lived in Florida, we knew three pilots. They all reported seeing UFOs. One of them reported one to Air Traffic Control. When his plane landed, he was visited by “men in black” who ordered him to never tell anyone what he’s experienced.

I’ve always been fascinated by this topic! Have you or someone you know seen a UFO/UAP? If so, please share your story in the comments box below. You can absolutely post it anonymously.


I want to thank everybody for your prayers! I am still very fatigued. It could take another 4-6 weeks for that to resolve. Despite my fears, I have NOT bled anymore. I will certainly keep you updated. 🙂


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9 Responses to "The UFO We Captured on Camera Back in 2005 – Have YOU Seen One?"

  1. Lynn Duke  July 30, 2023 at 1:23 pm

    Yes, they are everywhere! I can spot them in my skies, and especially driving on a highway. They come in various shapes, and sizes, and even look similar to airplanes. But, they are not airplanes. I can identify them, and rebuke them when my curiosity has not gotten the better of me. I have had them around my house in the sky, and one versison of an airplane with no sound came so close to me, at a traffic signal in heavy traffic, that I could have thrown a rock at it!. Am I the ONLY one seeing these things? And I have taken pictures, which can easily be explained away by people, and usually is. They are not aliens. They are demonic forces that abduct and do terrible things to people (who do not know Christ, or how to deal with them). LA Marzulli has spent his life investigting this and the fallen angels. He is fascinating, and I discovered him probably about ten years ago. He is on You Tube, and has made many documentaries, about this subject. He has interviewed abductees, has participated in a removal of an object from a man’ s arm (or leg, I can’t remember which) and has documented that. HIs website is: Check it out!

  2. Susan Gold  July 30, 2023 at 12:44 am

    It’s possible I believe I met the one of the Greys / aliens when I was five years old they are highly intelligent.

    They often put tracking devices in humans for study in later on.

    Communication with them was telepathic

    they think humans quite barbaric and primitive

    I don’t have a picture of them, but I have a complete memory of my conversation with them

  3. Tom Calarco  July 29, 2023 at 10:32 pm

    Yes, Angela:

    I have seen two UFOs. One in 1979 when I was living in Hampton Beach, NH, and “looking” for UFOs. I had gone there to work on the beach as a waiter and met the world famous Betty Hill that summer at her home.

    It was a green light hovering high above in the sky at night above the construction site of the Seabrook nuclear power plant, that was never completed incidentally. It was in late September and the beach was deserted on a Sunday evening. It suddenly streamed down towards me and broke into two greenish beams of light that flashed over me and vanished out over the ocean. I’ll never forget it.

    Then, two years ago, I was living in Draper, Utah. The high-rise apartment building where I lived on the sixth floor looked out from my living room window across the valley with an unobstructed view towards the NSA site in Bluffdale, which was about five miles away and sits on a hill across from a military base. A four-lane street passes by and you can see all the electrical towers and high-tech objects rising over the site when you drive by.

    One night, about 3 AM, I woke up and looked out the window and saw these light cavorting in the distance in the vicinity of Bluffdale. They were moving up and across in straight lines, three or four at time, sometimes disappearing, then reappearing in a different location. I watched for at least 15 minutes when I decided to call the police. The dispatch person connected me to the patrol officer who confirmed what I was seeing.

    Finally, they disappeared and I never heard back from the police or heard anything about it in the news.

  4. Linda G.  July 29, 2023 at 6:10 pm

    Haha someone is pulling something on the people. Cute.

  5. anon  July 29, 2023 at 3:24 pm

    Yes, two of them both yrs ago in dif. locals.

  6. Ralph Roggenbuck  July 29, 2023 at 2:31 pm

    Just something that I wrote decades ago now!

    U. F. O.’ S

    Strange and unusual things seen in the sky are called UFO’S

    “Unidentified Flying Objects” or “Flying Saucers”

    Many believe them real; while to others they are “No Big Deal”

    “Nothing but HOAXES!” say the scoffers

    The reports are mostly similar; rarely, one way different

    Most have a common thread or tone, –yet- a few stand alone

    Some photos proven phony, others genuine

    Giving some sources no credibility, nothing but baloney

    Several witnesses passed the polygraph tests, telling all

    I believe that the majority of the witnesses remain silent

    Avoiding publicity, laughter, and harassment

    Air force officials say ‘No Comment!”

    I wonder if they are government hushed

    When pressed the scientists say “We don’t know everything!”

    I have never been a “It will never FLY” guy

    The author of the comic Flash Gordon was so close to the secret reality

    He was subjected to a government spy investigation

    They were afraid that defense secrets had been compromised

    Testimonies from some ancient civilizations,

    carved into stone- From Persia, to Egypt, to Mexico, and to Chile

    Substantiate the believers

    I understand the skepticism, I had not believed, NO! Never!

    I saw in the far away sky the unreal speed and maneuverability

    I was wide awake, sober, clean, and not alone

    We knew what we had seen! Jobs were necessary; Quiet we kept!

    “Unidentified?” To whom? They know who they are.

    I want an answer. Even one “Out of the Blue”.

  7. Jenean McBrearty  July 29, 2023 at 9:46 am

    When I was nine years old, we moved from Portland (Oregon) to San Diego, California. We liven in old military housing in Linda Vista, and I slept on the top side of a bunk-bed. From the POV, I could see out the big, wide, windows and go to sleep watching the stars. This was 1956, before San Diego was a sprawling city; it was a fifth of the size it is now. One night, around 1:00 a.m., I woke up and stared out the widow into a clear sky …. except for the plump cigar-shaped flying object with the two blue light on each end, and the two red lights in the middle. It hovered, then flew slowly farther away, then darted back and once again hovered over the empty foothills. I watched it move for about a minute before it flew straight out (not up) of sight. I knew it was a “flying saucer” (I’d never heard the term UFO). I knew airplanes did not fly up/down, sideways. and so quickly! I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t surprised. And I wasn’t dreaming. But with all the bru-ha-ha over the issue I didn’t say anything, even to my mother until the moon landing in 1969. Somehow, I knew people would laugh at “what a kid thought she saw” but I did see it, and without the discounting lenses of an adult. When I heard descriptions, and saw pictures of, what other people had seen, I saw a picture of what someone else had seen and it was exactly when I had seen. Exactly. Only then, did I volunteer my information.

  8. Carmen  July 29, 2023 at 8:15 am

    That picture is about as good as it gets!!! Yes, I have seen one and it communicated!! It was the first time I’ve EVER seen one.

    Thankfully, I was NOT visited by the MIB. I hear they’re pretty scary. I do have a copy of two real MIB captured on a hotel surveillance camera as they entered the lobby to visit someone who worked there about his recent experience. I hear his coworkers were pretty freaked out. They were described as having no facial hair, not even eye-lashes, no eye blinks, very pale skin, robotic-like and both, their movements and walking, were instep.

    To my knowledge, it’s the ONLY known actual video capture of real MIB. I’ll leave it there. It was several years ago when I saw it, and I did report it to MUFON, where I am also a member of many years, and studying to become an investigator, too.

    The one I saw was also undeniable. Quite interesting capture. Welcome to the club! LOL

  9. Sandy Kangas  July 28, 2023 at 7:36 pm

    On a clear, sunny afternoon in August of 2000 my young adult daughter and I saw a UFO slowly floating over the Escanaba River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We were alone at my brother’s cabin. I was reading on the mostly tree covered lawn while my daughter relaxed on the wrap around porch over the river. I put my book down to look at the sky through the canopy of trees and spotted a silent silver cigar shaped “something “ gliding downstream. After a few minutes, I called my daughter to come see what perplexed me. We stared at it for several more minutes until it soundlessly moved out of sight. Did we take a picture? Although we had two cameras and a pair of binoculars on the porch, we were too dumbstruck to even think about capturing a photo…