Mason’s Feeling Much Better!

We don’t know how to even begin to thank everyone for their prayers and warm wishes sent after learning Mason was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit last week. We received hundreds of emails from all over the world. After I read a few dozen, I started saving them to print for Mason’s baby book. He’s going to have one thick baby book and he’s going to love reading those loving notes someday!

He’s doing much better this week! He passed his check-up on Monday with flying colors. His follow-up x-ray will be next week so we’ll then know if his lungs have cleared up. He never spits up so I haven’t had any trouble keeping his antibiotics in him. In fact, he seems to like the cherry taste.

Max was a good big brother before Mason’s illness, but he’s been an excellent brother since Mason came home, giving him lots of hugs and kisses and playing with him frequently. The older kids (ages 13 – 19) did a good job of keeping things running at home while we were with Mason (though they did admit my broom caught on fire during their 4th of July sparkler spree (sigh). At least the broom was outside!

Thankfully, things have settled into a calm routine here. I now realize I spent so much time worrying about Mason his first week of life that I was a wreck. Things are much better now. As of this week, he weighs 10 lbs., 14 oz., is holding his head up, smiling lots, and sleeping through the night. We are still overwhelmed and humbled by the miracle we received last week. As of this writing, I’ve gone two whole days without crying so I’m doing much, much better!

I posted some photos of Mason online last week.

Mason In The Hospital:

Happy Mason Back Home, Snuggling On Mommy’s Shoulder:

Mason’s Gaining Weight:

Do Dogs Have Nipples?

This week’s Maxism:

Mason (2 weeks) and Max (age 4) were sitting on the sofa with the rest of us after dinner last week. Mason had been a bit whiney and we found out why after a few minutes. He started passing gas, over and over again, with each little kick of his legs. We were all howling. Not to be ignored, Max loudly passed gas as well. We roared yet again. Then, Max proudly said, “We’re the Farty Boys!”

Hugs to all!

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