Trip to the Panhandle Leads to Covid Exposure

Trip to the Panhandle Leads to Covid Exposure

Well, we’ve had Covid twice already. Third time might be the charm, right?

We drove to the panhandle of Florida to visit our son, who moved there for his final year of dental school. We had not seen him since January and I needed a big hug from my big, tall baby boy!

We had tons of fun! We barbequed, visited a natural Spring, and much more.

On the last day of our visit, his roommate stayed in bed, saying his allergies were acting up. I could totally relate!! My allergies are the worst ever this year. I am snottin’ and coughin’ all over the place. But, I wouldn’t trade living in this beautiful place for anything!!

To be honest, a year ago, if I’d heard someone say they needed to stay in bed because of allergies, I’d have thought, “Covid!!” But, it didn’t even cross my mind.

On the morning we were checking out of the hotel, we were supposed to have breakfast with our son. He texted me and said, “My roommate just tested positive for Covid.”

I told him he’d need to fend for himself for breakfast. I was glad I gave him such a big bearhug the night before. Wait…maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all?

Anyway, we’re back home and taking tons of vitamins, drinking fluids, and getting enough sleep. I’ll let you know how it goes…

UPDATE: Mason has a sore throat. 🙁


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