Please Don’t Let Me Keep Doing This!

Please Don’t Let Me Keep Doing This!

My in-laws are in town. I know. I know. Just reading that makes you feel sorry for me, but don’t. They’re the COOL in-laws. Dale is a former hippy. Despite the fact that he now dresses in collared shirts and slacks, he’s still super cool and the kids all adore him. Oh, the stories he tells from his youth…

His wife, Rita, taught school for 34 years, and just retired this month! She’s not much older than me and she’s my best friend. She and I can go a couple of years without seeing each and, then, when we’re together again, we don’t miss a beat. It’s like not even an hour has passed. We can talk to each other about anything and everything and she is HILARIOUS!! She also has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. She is deeply touched by the pains of all of humanity and she always helps anybody in need.

The best part is that Rita likes eating fine food as much as I do so, each time we get together, it’s a
gluttonous affair!

They’re here for seven days so, of course, we’ve gotten together with the adult kiddos several times, and have eaten far more than our fair share of excellent restaurant food. On the night they arrived, we went to a restaurant in downtown St. Pete. Appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Ug…

We went to Dave and Busters on Tuesday. The food wasn’t too bad but the noise from the video games and loud stereo system was enough to make any adult need a padded room and a sedative. I sincerely hope I never have to go back there. It’s an adult version of Chuck E. Cheese. The kids had a great time, however.

The good part was that I got to spend lots of time with our grandson, Jack. He’s a pretty relaxed kid and I’m pretty high energy. I adore him beyond words but I’m not sure how he feels about me…

We girls did our annual shopping trip to St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota on Wednesday. It was beastly hot but we enjoyed eating fabulous smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and more on pizza dough, as well as, of course, real, bubbling hot pizza in the air conditioned Venezia. In fact, I think we spent more time eating than shopping. That night, we met the guys at The Waterfront, where our son-in-law, Justin, is the executive chef. I had the mahi mahi special drowned in some sort of fruity coconut sauce that was fabulous. Our son, Frank, who’s going to be a dentist, was our server and it was great to see him. He’s very busy and doesn’t have much time for family get-togethers these days. After appetizers, craft drinks, and dinner, we skipped dessert entirely, and rolled ourselves home.

Tonight, Dale and Rita are coming to eat on the boat while watching the sun set over downtown St. Pete. Richard is making dinner and I begged him to keep it light. Tomorrow, we are going out again with the adult kids to celebrate Dale and Rita’s anniversary.

Saturday, everybody is getting together at Ali and Justin’s house for dinner but I have to work that night. I’m WAY behind after all the partying this week.

And, on Sunday, they’re leaving.And, that’s the day I’m starting A NEW DIET!


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One Response to "Please Don’t Let Me Keep Doing This!"

  1. writerLeenda  June 16, 2018 at 8:25 am

    Hey Angela,

    Like we Italians say: MANGIA!

    That means eat. It’s not like you do it all the time and once in awhile it is okay to splurge lest you feel resentful and throw away your entire healthy habituation.

    Now go in peace and mangia.