Too Cold For Babies to Be Outside

It got so cold here last week that we couldn’t take Mason out to dinner with us. Max decided to stay home with the big kids, too, so Richard and I had a real date for the first time since before Mason was born. It was very nice and very romantic as we ate at a new restaurant in town…and then went to Home Depot for some new bathroom lighting (sigh).

It was really weird not having a chattering Max and a gurling Mason in the back seat! I knew Mason would be okay because he can eat baby food now and drinks from a baby cup. I called home to check on him anyway and Ali confirmed he was just fine. Mason wasn’t crying at all. When we walked in the door an hour later, Mason looked up, saw me, and started frantically waving his arms and bawling…

This week’s Maxism:
There are times in your child’s life when you realize they’re old enough to do certain things, like chewing gum…or dialing 9-1-1. Last night, I had one of those realizations. Max and I were in the bathroom going through his bedtime routine – taking his vitamin and brushing his teeth, going potty, etc. When we were finished, Max ran out of the bathroom yelling, “Daddy! I got Floor Died! I got Floor Died! And now I won’t get any cavities!”

Hugs to all!

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