Three Weeks and Counting!

Three Weeks and Counting!

Our bags are packed. We’re ready to go. We’re standing here outside the boat’s cockpit door…waiting for the phone call to alert us that our daughter, Ali, is in labor. Baby Jack is due in just 20 days. At a sonogram with a specialist two weeks ago, they estimated he already weighed about 7 lbs. At her doctor appointment yesterday, they told her he’s “full term.” I’m not sure if they meant he’s as big as a full-term baby or if he’s ready to be born now. I suspect the former since they can’t possibly know the latter.

We knew the baby was going to be big. His mommy is 6′ tall and his daddy is 6’4″.

I am honored that I have been invited to witness the birth. I have always wanted to see a baby being born (that I wasn’t birthing!) and I am so happy that Ali and her husband have invited me to be there for the biggest day of their lives! 🙂

The baby shower was last weekend. Richard had a fun time arranging the decorations and the games, while also coordinating everything with the caterer. The caterer had agreed to preparing some of the wild boar meat from our hunt last year. The BBQ was DELICIOUS!

Ali was coming here to the boat twice a week but her swollen ankles make driving for an hour and a half a day a bad idea. Also, her balance is a bit off so getting on and off the boat can be quite tricky. You can see why (with photobomber Mason, of course) here:










Mason is 11 now and we were having a casual family conversation about puberty after dinner one night. I informed Mason that he’s going to start growing hair in new places on his body.

He responded, “Like between my eyebrows?”

Hugs to all!

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  1. pamelaallegretto  August 11, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    How exciting! Your Ali is a beauty! Love the Masonism! Too funny! Cheers!