Pregnancy Update – BP Monitoring and Ultrasound with Specialist

Pregnancy Update – BP Monitoring and Ultrasound with Specialist

As we announced last week, we will become grandparents for the first time around August 30th!

Ali has another doctor appointment today because her ankles have swelled quite a bit. For someone so thin and fit, it hasn’t been pleasant for her to watch those cute little toes change so quickly and drastically. I think it’s the Florida heat and humidity (and the fact that the mom-to-be can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes). But, just to be safe, the doctor wants her to come in to get checked this afternoon.

Also, during her last ultrasound, they thought there might be too much fluid around the baby’s kidneys. Since they didn’t schedule the ultrasound with a specialist for another two weeks out, I told her they’re not terribly concerned. I figure she just has good insurance and the docs are sucking it dry. (This hasn’t been the first time extra tests have been ordered only to have everything come back completely normal.)

All of this stress hasn’t been good for Ali and I’m more concerned about her well-being than anything else right now. 🙁

On a happier note, Mason started his intermediate sailing class this week and Max started his racing class this week. They are having a SUPER TIME! Each morning, they pack their backpacks with water, sunscreen, water shoes, sunglasses, and hats, and head to the sailing club, which is a five-minute walk from our new home.

Richard usually walks them back and forth but, this morning, we had a big thunder and lightning storm and Richard drove (30 seconds – ha ha) to pick them up. 😉


The boys have a daily list of chores to do. While Richard takes care of washing the laundry, Max and Mason are in charge of folding and putting everything away.

Last week, Mason found one of his socks balled up the corner of a clean sheet. Of course, we all know that sock was still wet. Mason, who had never before experienced this common phenomenon, said, “Um, I think my sock may have been over-cleaned…”

Hugs to all!

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2 Responses to "Pregnancy Update – BP Monitoring and Ultrasound with Specialist"

  1. pamelaallegretto  July 22, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    I understand your constant concern for Ali; mom’s worry, that’s part of our job description no matter the age of our children. I will certainly send out positive thoughts for your Ali.

  2. lockwood5  July 21, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    Big congrats on Ali’s baby. Don’t know how I missed seeing that last week! Tell her both my boys had “distended” kidney pelvises in utero that turned out to be non-issues. With our first, we foolishly let the docs and our own parents scare us into have a VCUG (rather unpleasant x-ray test involving catheterization at 2 weeks old!) after my son was born. The VCUG confirmed everything was absolutely fine, and by the time my second son was born almost four years later, performing the VCUG for slightly distended kidney pelvis revealed at ultrasound wasn’t even the standard of care anymore, The docs didn’t try to talk us into having it that time, which was good, because I would’ve grown fangs and claws and told them to go $&%&*#$ themselves if they’d suggested it for my second son 😉