The Librarians Are Here!

Our good friends, Scott and Kelly, arrived from Wisconsin on Monday. They are enjoying the warmer weather, despite the fact that it’s chillier here than any early Florida November we remember. (We’ve only lived here for 3 1/2 years now so we don’t have much to compare.)

Since Scott and Kelly are both librarians, they’re career researchers and they are always happy to share their wisdom with Max and Mason.

Tonight, we’re having a Downton Abbey-themed dinner. We’ll be learning about life during those times, watching re-runs from last season, and having lots of delicious food!


Last week, after a busy evening of trick or treating and dinner out, we were home late and I was exhausted. Mason, on the other hand, was bouncing off the walls…no doubt from the chocolate infusion.

As he literally jumped under his covers, he yelled, “You can never be too late for bed!”

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