The Big Blue Egg

We are in Texas and were able to participate, for the first time, in my family’s annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt (AEEH). There is one huge blue egg that lands the lucky hunter a very nice prize. The smaller plastic eggs are filled with candy, gifts, lottery tickets and even cash. There are prizes for finding the most eggs and the least eggs as well.

Frank found the Big Blue Egg after only 20 minutes of searching. Papa had hidden it under a stool by the toolshed. I looked under every overturned bucket on the farm but I’d have never looked under that stool. Frank won a big basket full of the new-release DVD movies. That’ll come in VERY handy on the road when we’re staying at campgrounds without cable TV access. Ali won the prize for finding the most eggs. Her prize was a large 3-D kite. We’re not sure where we’re going to store it here in the RV but it’ll be fun when we stop at the beach!

I didn’t bother carrying a basket, knowing that would slow me down. I shoved all the eggs I found in my blouse. I found lots of eggs and the relatives were teasing me, telling me I looked like long-passed grandmothers who lived back when women’s underthings weren’t very supportive.To see what I looked like toward the end of the hunt, click HERE.

Hugs to all!

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