The Berenstain Bears

When our three oldest children were little, I used to read to them at bedtime. Their favorite series was The Berenstain Bears. I think we owned the entire set at that time. Somehow, over the years, all but two of the books got lost or given away.

Max (age 3) is finally at the age where he likes story books, not board books, and I read him our two remaining Berenstain Bears books the other night. He loved them! I’d receceived a gift certificate to Borders for Mother’s Day for $25. So, the next day, we all went to Borders so I could spend my gift certificate on more of our beloved Berenstain Bears books. Ali, Max and I went through their racks and found dozens of them! There were even ones we’d never seen before, obviously written in the past 15 years or so. I loaded up my bag and told Richard, “Don’t worry, honey, they’re only $3.25 each.”

When we got to the counter, the sales clerk tallied them up and said, “$133.19 please.” Richard rolled his eyes (he always does that when we go shopping) and handed over the debit card.

It was well worth it, too! We’ve been reading two new books each night at bedtime and Max already has his favorites. We know which ones he likes best because those are the ones I keep finding next to his Blues Clues toilet seat in the bathroom.

Hugs to all!

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