Will “No Tan Lines” Tip Over?! And, ONLY 8 DAYS Until the Winter, 2018 24-Hour Short Story Contest!!

Last week, it was pretty chilly aboard No Tan Lines (Tanny)! Sitting in the cockpit was almost painful as wind chills reached down into the 30’s and 40’s. So, we spent most of our time holed up in the cozy interior, working by day and watching movies by night. It warmed up two days ago but, today, we have another cold front coming through. A band of rain is heading our way and a SSW wind is blowing pretty fierce. “Tanny” is heeling far to starboard, and pitching all over the place. It’s a fun ride despite the fact that it’s difficult to walk through the boat without staggering and despite the fact that it feels like we’re about to tip over. Whoo hoo!!

It’s going to get cold again tonight, and won’t warm up again for another week and a half.

Next week, we are taking a short vacation (my birthday present!) to Key West. It’s gonna be chilly there, too, but we don’t care. We’ll bundle up to visit our friends, Stan and Chris, who used to live here, but now live on their boat in Key West. We’ll be visiting some of our favorite haunts, and having a super time! This will be a “grown up” trip (if you’re familiar with Key West, you know why) so Max, Mason and Coco will be staying with their sister. We got a boat-sitter for Rambo the cat. 😉

What are your plans next Saturday, January 20th? Why don’t you cozy up by the fire and join us for a fun day of writing? You could win $300, $250, $200, or 1 of our 85 other prizes!

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