Still Chillin’

As I write this (on Monday), I’m still, technically, on vacation. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things later this week and I’m glad the holidays are over so we can get back to the usual schedule (working, homeschooling, working, homeschooling…). But, for now, I’m giving my brain a much-needed rest (which means I’m only working until 2:30 p.m. until after the holidays).

It’s snowing buckets here today. We were supposed to get around six inches (in addition to the two feet we already have on the ground). We already had those six new inches and more on the ground by the time I woke up this morning and it’s been snowing ever since. I tried to sweep the front porch but that didn’t do much good. I was going to venture out toward the driveway to grab a shovel…but isn’t that what teenage boys are for? Richard then tackled the driveway by himself. What a workout! He had errands to run and, between you and me, I think he likes testing the four-wheel drive of our truck. Ah, boys and their big toys…

Wanna hear what I got for Christmas? I have a small collection of snowglobes that show couples (usually children) together in various scenes. Richard got me another one of those, along with an antique figure that plays music. I also got an antique doll for my doll collection. Zach got us the first season of Heroes on DVD. We pretty much spent all weekend long lying in bed, eating leftovers, and watching that. If you haven’t seen it, get it. We were very pleased with it…and now we’re pretty bummed that we have to wait who-knows-how-long before the second season is out on DVD.

Since we’re still “on vacation” and since Richard is out playing with the four-wheel drive anyway, I told him to get us another season of some series at Blockbuster. I think after another two days of lying around doing nothing, I’ll be raring to get to work on those New Year’s Resolutions! Now, I have to run downstairs and grab the remnants of that delicious port wine cheeseball…

This Week’s Maxism:

Max was putting in his room with a real golf club and a plastic golf ball while watching a DVD. He said, “Mommy, I’m doing something good for my brain and bad for my brain. I’m playing golf… and I’m watching Happy Gilmore on TV.”

Big new year’s hugs to all of you!


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