Spring Cleaning (Ug!!)

I’m not a huge fan of housework but I do enjoy a good materialistic purge. Last weekend, I started on one corner of the house, intending to keep moving until I had finished the entire house. My intentions were good… Armed with a box of garbage bags and a variety of Ziplocs (for organization), I cleaned out and organized the bathroom cabinets and drawers. That’s as far as I got that day. I still can’t believe we filled an industrial sized garbage bag to the brim with old hotel shampoo bottles, expired cold medicines, and other sorts of stuff we were saving, but would likely never use. We haven’t even lived here for three years yet!

The next day, I moved on to the bar and living room. All done there. This weekend, I might attack our bedroom closet. I’m not very enthusiastic about that. Even worse is my craft closet. I’m going to try to get Ali or Chelce to help me there. I last organized it a year ago but it once again looks like a craft explosion. What can I say? Creative people aren’t very organized. That’s my excuse anyway…


“Mom, I have to tell you something.”

(long pause)

“I don’t like meatballs anymore.”

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