Sick…and Tired

I had a sore throat on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, I warned Richard not to kiss me, but he did anyway as he left for the airport at 4:30 a.m. It’s so romantic to have a husband who will kiss you, no matter how snotty or miserable you are…but boy is he gonna be sorry when the incubation period is over!

Anyway, I woke up a couple hours later and felt AWFUL. My temperature was 101 and hovered around 101 for the next 3 days. I was so sick that I can’t remember much at all about what happened last Thursday or Friday. On Saturday, my chest and back started hurting terribly whenever I coughed so I called the doctor, thinking I might have pneumonia. He called in an antibiotic for me.

Zach took over running the household. Ali and Frank weren’t too happy about that. Mason was sick, too, and he got worse on Saturday night, just as the antibiotic was kicking in for me. Between my coughing and Mason crying, I think I got about three hours of sleep the entire weekend.

I’m writing this on Monday. I feel much better but Ali and Zach are just now coming down with it. Max, Frank, and Matt already had it. Richard will be home tomorrow. It’s a bad one and very contagious, so wash your hands a LOT, everybody!!!

This week’s Maxism:

I was watching TV and Max cuddled up next to me and started playing with my hair. I heard him inhale deeply.

He said, “Mmmm. You smell like Mommy.”

I smiled, hugged him, and asked, “What does ‘Mommy’ smell like?”

He replied, “Steak sauce.”

Hugs to all!


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