RV vs. Mother Nature

While it took us about an hour to get out of Virginia Beach, Virginia (mapquest.com doesn’t always create the most sensible directions) and while we had a slow leak in one of our tires that we had to check every hour or so, we did finally make it to the Outer Banks of North Carlina yesterday.

When we arrived, it was breezy, sunny and warm. We unpacked the RV while Ali and Frank headed for the beach, which is just a few feet away from the RV door! We joined them a few minutes later and were stunned by the size of the waves. They’re crashing right at the water line, which told us the water level drops off quickly here. So, the children were only allowed to go in up to their knees. Even doing that gave them plenty of action for their boogie boards, so they didn’t complain.

Max was not interested in swimming. Every time a wave came, he ran away, screaming, “It’s coming! It’s coming!” He’d then have a giggle fit. He’d much rather play in the sand with his trains. Ali and Frank went out after dark with flashlights to search for snow crabs. They caught and released dozens of them and even made two new friends! They had a really fun time.

Last night, we woke up to the RV shaking and the wind howling. A cold front was blowing through. While we didn’t have any rain, the wind made us think the RV just might come off the ground and blow into the water. But, there’s a large sand dune between us and the water line, thank goodness. The RV didn’t move an inch and it held up just fine. I can’t even imagine how hard that wind was blowing and I didn’t get much sleep due to all the shaking and howling. If I hadn’t been so frightened (we’ve never been through a big storm in the RV), I probably would have enjoyed it.

Today it’s still really, REALLY windy but Max still wanted to play outside while Ali and Frank finished their school work. They had the option of taking today (Columbus Day) off or taking Friday off (they usually get all their work done by Friday anyway) and they chose Friday. They actually did most of their math last night so they wouldn’t have to work so long today. That’s another nice thing about homeschooling – flexibility.

Today, we’re working and Richard’s going to call around and fine a tire shop that can service our RV. And, we’re having BBQ Chicken and Shrimp on the grill for dinner. Yum!

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Hugs to all!

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